Monday, December 28, 2009

Holiday Indulgence

Well the holidays have come and gone again, and if you are anything like me, you threw your routines and normal eating habits aside and indulged in the fruits of the season...more like treats and sweets than fruits if I'm being honest. But everything has a time and place, and for me and feasting, this was and is the time. But as do most people, I vow to get back to my regimen of healthy eating and following of a schedule as we welcome the start of a new year, or in this case, a new decade.
Wishing you all a blessed new year!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Longing for Hawaii

Well the rain has went away, which is fine with me, but it did provide an opportunity for some fun photography. Water we know can be very hazardous to our equipment, but if we can avoid the pitfalls, it can provide us some beautiful images. A little different than rain, the ocean (when I lived in Hawaii) was a great photo playground. Man I miss Hawaii. The warm, clean, clear water. Even using a disposable underwater camera I was able to get some incredible shots of dolphins, turtles, and fish. Hmm. I really should bust some of those images out of storage and post them. I think I will. Stay tuned.

Sunday, December 13, 2009


My calendar project is now finished! Well there is a little gluing left to do but, it has all been shot and printed. This image was one of the final art projects/shots I did. With an xacto knife I was able to cut through about 50 pages at a time in this book. It was about 800 pages. It was tedious and took me a while, but I got the effect I was going for and ultimately I think it would make for a pretty good hiding space. But I don't hide stuff in books at my house, so forget what you are thinking. You won't find it! Well I wanna finish up the gluing (actually its rubber cementing) so I will blog ya later!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Fish In a Barrel...sort of.

My calendar project is now nearing the end. For this shot, I put my beta fish, John Redcorn to work. He actually lives in a much larger bowl, but I still think that a coffee pot makes for a rather interesting habitat, and definately fits the bill for the theme of my calendar...objects used in ways other than originally intended.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Technologically Inadvanced

I have to admit, I have taken some of my favorite images using lo-tech point and shoots and even with the camera on my phone (the last three posted images are examples). I don't even have a fancy iphone or anything...yet. Getting a new phone is on my agenda, but thats another story. So this serves as reminder to me, and hopefully you as well, that regardless of the technology in our hands at the time- shoot away! You just never know what kind of awesomeness you might end up with!


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Don't You Just Love Photography?

While photographing a tire swing for my calendar today, I realized something...I was having an absolutely great time! We sometimes get caught up in doing what we have to, what is required, and without even knowing it, time passes and we possibly did not enjoy the projects, places, or people we encountered. We were so focused on what we had to get done, that we did it, and moved on. Like a machine. Today, this was not the case, although it began that way. Get an old tire. Find a good place to put up the swing. Drag all the necessary tools and equipment with me. Hurry while there is daylight. Once I discovered my little gem of a park, and strolled around and found the right tree and spot in the park, is when the fun began. Working, building, and constructing something was just as much fun as the result of what my labors would bring. Although not quite small enough to actually swing on the tire, photographing it for my calendar was loads of fun. I did not expect this experience from this shot that I was trying to get, but so far, probably the most fun I have had working on this calendar. And all from a dirty old tire, some rope, and a beautiful tree in my new favorite park.