Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Goin' To The Fair

I received word the other day that one of my images, "Dark Alley", has been accepted into the photo contest at the OC Fair. Very exciting stuff! I have done some searching for my frame and I believe to have found the winner. I am getting a print made on archival paper, since the ones I hold now are inkjet prints. The archival print was explained to me as a better option if I am to be fortunate enough to sell the print. Over the last couple of months, with entering a few contests and open calls, I have been forced (a good force) into learning a bit more about the framing and printing processes. If nothing else, I have learned that this becomes the expensive part of art! Who knew frames cost so much? And there is no shortage of options when it comes to framing, mounting, printing and matting. All of this education and experience is very exciting however. I am stoked to view the image in its "show" state.
On a separate note, I got to spend a few hours this afternoon with my good friend and fellow photographer, Steve Walsh (www.stevewalshphotography.com). It was great to catch up with him and talk shop. Steve is a very busy lad but we started the wheels turning on doing a photo shoot together. It would be a really exciting venture if we can find the time to make it happen!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

...A Few More Entries

As I mentioned before, I entered a few images in the Crossroads Trading Company Fashion Photo Contest. I also have thrown my hat into the ring with these three images for two other competitions. The Art of Photography Show www.artofphotographyshow.com in San Diego is an international exhibition held at the Lyceum Theatre Gallery. This years judge is Natasha Egan, Associate Director and Curator at the Museum of Contemporary Photography in Chicago. It would be an amazing honor to be selected for this show. The other competition that I have entered is at the Orange County Fair. Both contests would be a great way to get my work seen by a large audience, and allow people the opportunity to purchase these pieces.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Competition Time

Crossroads Trading Company is hosting its annual Fashion Photo Contest. Conveniently, I have just completed a fashion photography class. So, I have decided to enter a few images from my portfolio. Two of these images are brand new (from my most recent shoot two weeks ago) and the other you may recognize from my shoot, "The Rise of Adam Lee Bauer". I thought that these images encompassed styles and feelings common to Crossroads Stores. Although the winner of the contest is decided by a panel of judges, Crossroads gives you an opportunity to view all the entries and vote for your faves as well at http://crossroadstrading.com/db/PhotoGallery/Search.php?Page=7&SearchID=2&DatabaseID=1&EntryIDSort=Newest%20to%20Oldest
So if you are curious to see what kind of work is being submitted, check out the website. And while you are there, you might as well throw in a five star vote for my three images...you know, just for good measure.

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Orange Coast College held its annual Awards Night on Wednesday to honor students and hand out scholarships. There were nine winners from the photography department, and I was honored to be one of them. About two months ago I submitted a very general portfolio of work for consideration, and though I have known my work was chosen for a scholarship, it was not until Awards Night that the amount of the scholarship was revealed. $500 will be a welcome supplement to my photography habit. The two images I posted here were both taken "after the rain" with my Holga. A $30 camera, producing quality images...gotta love it. And thank you to Lan for reassuring me that these were portfolio worthy photos!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Great Insight

We had an excellent guest speaker in class the other night. Fashion photographer John Aigner (johnaigner.com) shared his thoughts on entering the world of fashion photography. He talked about how he made the most of his days at OCC and showed us his website. John splits his time between shooting in the U.S. and Europe. He has been on Germany's Next Top Model. As you can imagine, it was wonderful to get the perspective of a young, hip, fashion photographer. One thing John touched on that resonated with me was that you need to shoot what and how you love. In other words, if you favor big, elaborately lit scenes, then that is what you should focus your energies on. If you connect more with the intimacy of daylight through a window, then hone your skills on becoming great at that. Its through doing what you enjoy that you inevitably find your style and set yourself apart from other photographers. And this is what gets you hired. Art directors do not hire you to duplicate the work of someone else. They pay you to give them what it is that you do. There is a reason that they choose you over everyone else. They want your style, your eye, your art. Very sound advice.
To top it all off, John critiqued our editorials. This was a welcome change of pace. Instead of commenting on each others work as a class, John gave us feedback, completely unaware of who's work was who's. He encouraged me to play around even more with a particular lighting style (natural light with the background flared). His biggest criticism was that my images were not completely cohesive, they looked like they could be from different shoots. I would have to agree, but also admit that given what I set out to accomplish, I am extremely proud of the end result.
All in all, it was an outstanding evening. One from which I take valuable words of wisdom and advice. It was also awesome to hear that this accomplished photographer considers the photography school at OCC to be a top five program in the country. Not to shabby.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Making The Cut

Here are the final five images from "The Rise of Adam Lee Bauer". The first image is the one I am most proud of. I like the angle of his body and I love the texture of the rug. It doesn't hurt that the jacket is pretty amazing either! The last shot here, where Adam is jumping, was a pretty fun experience. We were on Hollywood Blvd. and people kept stopping to see what we were up to..."Who is this guy and why is he jumping around like a fool?!" Adam was a great sport and would have jumped until he bled if we asked him to. Ok, I really like the one of him "standing on top of the city" too. I think the wardrobe really fits the backdrop...and its a nice power pose.

Friday, April 23, 2010

OCC Art Exhibit

Come check out Orange Coast College's Student Art Exhibit, April 28- May 26, 2010 at Frank M. Doyle Arts Pavilion. Opening Reception: Wednesday, April 28, from 5-9 pm. The exhibit will showcase art from all types of media. I submitted the image you see here. I posted an unedited version of this image last month on my blog. With some prompting from my good friend Lan, we decided this interpretation was more impactful than its wide shot counterpart. So, take some time in the next month and visit the art exhibit, there is sure to be something to grab everyone's attention.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

You Live and Learn

So this is an image from the Adam Lee Bauer shoot that I really liked and would have loved to use as my close-up or accessories shot. But, if you look at it, you might notice something in the lens of the sunglasses. Yeah. Thats me, knees bent, taking the shot. Right next to Adam's toilet! Fortunately I noticed this almost immediately (one perk of digital cameras) and so we were able to get some other shots of Adam accessorizing with a hat instead. I really liked the sunglasses though, so if it had not been 9 o'clock at night, after about nine hours of shooting and Adam and I completely starved and exhausted, I would have gotten my hands on a dark cloth or something of the sort to place between him and I (and the toilet). You can bet next time, I will be better prepared.

Saturday, April 10, 2010


I am nearing completion of the selection process of images for the editorial "The Rise of Adam Lee Bauer". There are a lot of great photos to choose from, but when needing the images to meet certain criteria (double page spread, 3/4 body shot, motion,etc.), the task becomes slightly more time consuming. I have everything I need to meet the requirements, but there are several shots that will not get used in the editorial that I really like. I chose to post a few of them here. This is a taste of what to expect from the project. I will post the final images in a few days after the final selection.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Prison Time

Last week we loaded up the car and made the four hour road trip to Yuma, Arizona. My parents were in from Wisconsin and the meeting ground was my sister and brother-in-laws house. The drive is actually pretty scenic. The first hour is spent heading south to San Diego, and then the next hours are pretty evenly split between up, through, and down the mountains, and across desert. Having a few days in Yuma, I looked for some activities to pass the time and found the Yuma Territorial Prison State Historic Park (www.pr.state.az.us/parks/YUTE/index.html). The park did not provide as many photo ops as I had hoped, but it did entertain my dad and I for about an hour and a half. Did you know that in the late 1800s you could be put in prison for "seduction"?! The prison played host to both men and women (of the 3069 prisoners to pass through only 29 were women), and was notoriously known for paroling its inmates early. The prison was a model institution for the time during its 33 years of housing convicts. The photos I posted here were of a replica cell, and an actual barbers chair.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Action 35

Recently I took the suggestion of a friend and tried out the Action 35, a plastic point and shoot 35mm film camera that takes four images on one frame. The entire exposure time for the four shots is approximately 2/3 of a second. I headed over to the Volcom Skatepark in Costa Mesa to see what this little camera could do. The 1/100 shutter speeds were a little slow to freeze all the action, but I didn't mind a little blur in some of the frames. I think it adds a little to the portrayal of speed. For the right subject matter, this little camera could be a gem. I suggest to any photographer to try different cameras, such as the Action 35 or the Holga. They may not seem like much, but they can absolutely be useful tools in creating your art.

Thank You

The editorial shoot yesterday, "The Rise of Adam Lee Bauer", went great. We shot in his apartment, on the roof of his apartment, in the lobby of his apartment, and even took it to the street. On Hollywood Boulevard we got some cool shots of Adam with a group of guys breakdancing in the background. Now I have the giant task of sifting through the hundreds of images and deciding on 5 for the editorial. It is a good feeling however, to know that I have plenty of awesome shots to choose from. I need to give huge thanks to Adam for allowing me to take over his home for the day, and for giving 110% from start to finish. Also, mega thanks to Logan Williams. This guy does it all: hair, make-up, stylist, and assistant...thank you for lending your talents and for your "help with anything and everything" attitude. The collaboration made this project successful as well as enjoyable. I look forward to working with you both again.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Meet Adam

Saturday morning. Coffee, check. Camera, check. Lights, check. I am headed up to L.A. this morning to shoot my editorial "The Rise of Adam Lee Bauer..."

Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Results

It took me a little longer than planned to get these images posted, but here they are. This was a great photo shoot because of everyone involved: Heather Ford (model), Paula and Maurice Mauricio (hair/make-up), Alyson Roberts (wardrobe) and the best assistant in the world, Lan Nguyen. Thank you to all of you!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Got Some Sun

Well the sun came out and we nailed the shoot! I am gonna need some time to sort through the images though, I ended up with 260 frames in about an hour. I will post some soon.

Gimme Some Sun

I have an outdoor shoot this afternoon and it requires some sunshine. Of course this morning is a little on the gloomy side...come on sun!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Personal Style

I have been thinking a lot lately about my personal style. All the great photographers have a personal style, something recognizable about their images. I think it is a photographers goal: for others to be able to see an image of theirs and know its theirs. I believe that your style is something that develops over time. The more you shoot, the more in sync or in tune you become with your photographic eye. I don't believe your style is something that you decide, but something that becomes you. My style is still cultivating as I explore different realms of photography and discover where within this diverse world I would most like to focus my energies.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Not About Religion

I just really liked the way this looked. The uneven, bruised texture of the wall and the old banged up wooden window frame. I liked the shadow of the crucifix on the wall, more than the crucifix itself. The grunginess and color of the walls made the room feel a little cold yet the window and crucifix yielded a kind of warmth.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

Okay, so not tigers. Or bears. But, giraffes. And gorillas. A recent trip to the zoo yielded these wonderful pictures. I had not been to the zoo in many years but it is so awesome how seeing all the animals can kind of make you feel like a kid again...or at least young at heart. And even if the animals didn't make you feel younger, there was plenty of beautiful grounds at this particular zoo to please the adult in you. Hopefully this was a lesson learned and not so many years will pass before my next zoo visit. Oh yeah, and here is some of the technical stuff: I took these images with a Canon 5D and a 70-200mm IS L lens.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Testing Holga

I recently invested in an unbelievably simple little plastic camera...the Holga. With all the talk of the infamous light leaks and muted colors that the Holga is known for, I decided I should get one and see what kind of art I could create (with the help of the uncontrollable little imperfections that the Holga possesses). Although very easy to take multiple exposures, since you wind the film manually, I did not get the results I had hoped for with any of my attempts. The two photos I have chosen to post here, were my favorites from my first 120 roll that passed through my plastic toy. I cropped the reflection image. The pier was shot with a bulb exposure. I just bought more film today so, let the experiment continue!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dolphin Show

So as I promised, here are some photos taken in Hawaii of, maybe the coolest animals ever! It took me a minute to find these old photos as they were hidden away in a box in the deepest corners of my closet, untouched since my move to Orange County. Seeing these images brought back some very fond memories. The days working in the calm waters about a half mile off the Maui beach...the huge schools of dolphins that would pass our jet ski platform, sometimes extremely playful and lingering around and other times quickly making their way to someplace else. In any case, it was always a treat. Especially when the opportunity presented itself to grab a disposable underwater camera, (sometimes the camera still had its blue rubber band strap!) dive into the pristine 50 ft. deep water, and snap a few pics of these amazing creatures. How blessed! What a playground! This makes me want to book a plane ticket right now!