Saturday, January 23, 2010

Testing Holga

I recently invested in an unbelievably simple little plastic camera...the Holga. With all the talk of the infamous light leaks and muted colors that the Holga is known for, I decided I should get one and see what kind of art I could create (with the help of the uncontrollable little imperfections that the Holga possesses). Although very easy to take multiple exposures, since you wind the film manually, I did not get the results I had hoped for with any of my attempts. The two photos I have chosen to post here, were my favorites from my first 120 roll that passed through my plastic toy. I cropped the reflection image. The pier was shot with a bulb exposure. I just bought more film today so, let the experiment continue!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dolphin Show

So as I promised, here are some photos taken in Hawaii of, maybe the coolest animals ever! It took me a minute to find these old photos as they were hidden away in a box in the deepest corners of my closet, untouched since my move to Orange County. Seeing these images brought back some very fond memories. The days working in the calm waters about a half mile off the Maui beach...the huge schools of dolphins that would pass our jet ski platform, sometimes extremely playful and lingering around and other times quickly making their way to someplace else. In any case, it was always a treat. Especially when the opportunity presented itself to grab a disposable underwater camera, (sometimes the camera still had its blue rubber band strap!) dive into the pristine 50 ft. deep water, and snap a few pics of these amazing creatures. How blessed! What a playground! This makes me want to book a plane ticket right now!