Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Competition Time

Crossroads Trading Company is hosting its annual Fashion Photo Contest. Conveniently, I have just completed a fashion photography class. So, I have decided to enter a few images from my portfolio. Two of these images are brand new (from my most recent shoot two weeks ago) and the other you may recognize from my shoot, "The Rise of Adam Lee Bauer". I thought that these images encompassed styles and feelings common to Crossroads Stores. Although the winner of the contest is decided by a panel of judges, Crossroads gives you an opportunity to view all the entries and vote for your faves as well at
So if you are curious to see what kind of work is being submitted, check out the website. And while you are there, you might as well throw in a five star vote for my three know, just for good measure.

1 comment:

  1. Hi, not sure if you guys were mugged but my friend found two credit cards and drivers license on sycamore and Hollywood with adams name on it. We can send them to you in the mail this week.