Wednesday, March 2, 2011


This image was taken on a hike into the Imperial Sand Dunes with my dad. I love hiking with him, we just don't get to do it nearly enough. I like the way the focal point of this image is my dad, way off atop the dune. The ridge starts at the bottom and helps lead your eye up to him. It was taken early morning, shortly after sunrise. I like the light and it was nice to be out traipsing through the sand all by ourselves. I could have been better prepared however, my Chucks were hardly appropriate footwear. And as I said, my dad and I do not get to hike together often, so I can admit I was slightly out of "hiking shape". My dad on the other hand, never gets out of "hiking shape". Even in the insane winters of Wisconsin, he eagerly rushes outside and snowshoes through the nearby hills. He's a bit of a machine. So I let him trek off ahead to conquer the dunes, while I waited below to get "the shot". Thanks for being a team player, dad.