Monday, July 18, 2011

Surf Photography

Living in Hawaii lends itself pretty easily to surf photography. Or so one would think. On this particular day, I got up before sunrise and headed down to a spot where I have often thought of catching some amazing images framed by the pier you see in one of these photos. Of course on this morning (after 5 days of great swell), the surf had dropped considerably from the previous day. Oh well, it will give me an opportunity to sort of scope out positions from which I would like to shoot the next time we get good waves. It ended up being a decent experience, since I was able to frame some with the old pier and realize that it really would be as cool an image as I imagined. The good thing about the pier shot too, is that it does not require a large lens, since zooming in on the surfers would eliminate the essence of the pier. I have never set out with the intent of being a surf photographer, however, this is a shot that I am going to try as many times as I need to in order to get.
The other photo you see here was a result of wandering around the area, trying to see if there was any other vantage points with potential. I like it (not as much as the pier image) because without the bars in the foreground, this would be very, very boring. The bars add just enough interest to make you pause on the image for a moment. I believe in this instance I could have benefited from a larger lens and the ability to zoom in closer on the surfer however. I could live without the bottom half of this image (the flat water). And if the surf would have been bigger, I am sure this image would be even more intriguing.
As is often heard in the lineup, "You should have seen it yesterday." Perhaps this will teach me a lesson. Do not wait. Go get the shot. Because tomorrow the swell may be gone.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Return to Paradise

After 2 1/2 years in Orange County, I have made my return to Maui. I think somewhere in the corners of my mind, I always knew I would be back. Sunsets like these are reassurance that it was the right move. There has been some amazing (and kind of bizarre) clouds the last several days (still allowing plenty of sunshine) which have played an instrumental role in the breathtaking sunsets. This photo was taken 2 blocks from my house in Lahaina. A dinner cruise boat is making its way back to Lahaina Harbor while the sky oozes a beautiful eeriness. Gotta love Hawaii!